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  • What’s your favorite thing about writing for children?
    Our favorite thing about writing for children is imagining children reading and using their imagination to see themselves living out the story. Reading is powerful!
  • Who are The Maloys?
    The Maloys are a God-fearing family who loves to serve the community, travel and creating new experiences and memories together. The Maloy family consists of parents Shaun & Nicole and their six children, Mallarie, Isaiah, Shaun, Camille, and the twins, Alexander and Alexandria. Shaun is an Air Force Veteran, Licensed Minister and has a background in Information Technology, Real Estate Investing, Youth Ministry, Book Publishing, Leadership and Family & Community Engagement in the Public Education System. Nicole attended Central Michigan University and has an Entrepreneural background as the CEO of Nicole's Jewelry Box and Aviation experience as a Ramp Agent for Delta Airlines. Mallarie (18) is a Michigan State Freshman studying Computer Science who loves to create art, K-Pop and traveling. Isaiah (12) is a 6th Grader who loves music, entertaining, sports, traveling, and gaming. Shaun (10) is a 5th Grader who loves to cook, reading, traveling, and gaming. Camille (8) is a 2nd grader who loves school, singing, dancing, reading, traveling, and praying. Alexander (5 twin) is on the Autism Spectrum and is currently non-verbal, however, he communicates very well, loves puzzles, trampolines, traveling, and playing games on his tablet. Alexandria (5 twin) is a Kindergartener who loves to dance, sing, playing dress up, traveling and bed time stories. #meetthemaloys
  • Are you available to help others create and publish their books?
    Absolutely! We've worked with several Authors and have helped them through the entire process of self-publishing. If you are interested in self-publishing and need some coaching or assistance please e-mail us at with the subject: Self-Publishing Inquiry.
  • When did you start Maloy Family Books?
    Maloy Family Books was started in November 2016 with the release of our first book "God Said ASK".
  • Where are you located?
    We currently reside in Detroit, MI but, we have plans to relocate South in 2021.
  • Where do you get your story ideas?
    God and our family. Being a family of eight, our home is full of inspiration and ideas to create. We capture content from life's experiences and try to make it resonate with our readers.
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